Repairing Night Cream


CBD + Ultra-Hydrating

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Besides the pure, clean air of the Alps, luxurious bedtime cream is one of the Swiss secrets for enjoying a fresh glow. To the Swiss, a nighttime facial routine is key to maintaining a youthful look. This ultra-moisturizing, nourishing cream is enriched with a special blend of botanicals and cannabidiol (CBD).  Containing the ‘Power of Spheres’ you get little bursts of ingredients all night long while you sleep, to restore and hydrate any complexion.

Apply every evening at bedtime after your Regenerating 7 Serum.  Work 2-4 pumps into skin for several seconds. Massage until completely absorbed.

 Skin Conditions:  Mature, Dehydrated, Devitalized, Sun Damaged Skin

Cannabidiol (CBD) // Botanical Blend // Deep Hydration // Antioxidants

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