Is your lounge or smoke-shop Safe-Sesh certified?

Activism & Education

Creating awareness around CBD, THC & their enormous benefits in various industries.

Events & Concerts

Whether by hosting or joining events around the country, Dabcor reaches thousands of Canadians, weekly.

Wholesale & Distribution

Producing, customizing & providing businesses in western provinces with cannabis-related products.

Music & Performance

Through strategic sponsorship packages, Dabcor is empowering many local artists & performers to reach their real potential.

Dabcor is a proud title sponsor of HempFest Cannabis Expo

High times are on the horizon for the Canadian Cannabis industry.

We work with suppliers & compassion clubs from across the country to ensure that users & businesses are well informed with resources & events surrounding Cannabis.
Considering the increasing popularity of Cannabis as an alternative to many pharmaceutical drugs, it’s crucial to ensure that service providers are educated in order to properly inform its users.
Since the Cannabis industry has been supressed for decades, it’s important to showcase the various products made from the Hemp plant.
We never stop. Whether it’s creating awareness around a specific case or leading campaigns that drive policy changes, Dabcor is always at the forefront.