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Know Your Dabcor

In a somewhat expected turn of events, Dabcor as a group of companies had recently undergone a structural shake-up. This move was necessary to ensure a unified vision and approach among the different brands associated and their respective decision makers.

2018 is an important year, possibly the most important year for the Canadian Cannabis industry and over the past few years, we’ve seen many companies either go down, bankrupt or get bought out in order to reduce competition & create a monopoly. Sadly, some of our local players are easily bought and no matter how negative DIVISION is for the community, some still chose that route, in exchange for short-sighted personal gains.

We recognized that fierce negative force at an early stage. Therefore, Dabcor went from a press machine company to a collaboration between different brands (HappyDabbers,, CBDawn, Cannation, The Cannabis Club, GetLiftedTour, CBD4Wholesale, CanadianCannabisGames & CannaAwards)

Though the name was initially David Elder’s idea, it was Craig Rohatyn’s investment and his grand vision that took Dabcor across the country, contributed to the success of many small companies and sponsored tens of events, creating awareness around cbd and safe practice, while providing the community with many products, otherwise hard to find. To many people’s misunderstanding, Dabcor was viewed as one of the above brands. Candidly, we are partially responsible for allowing such misunderstandings to take place but to our defense, it was intended to strengthen all brands with a vision of a unified Albertan small business presence, in an infant market rapidly taken over by the BIG SHARKS in the industry.

Now, after a couple of years of working hard with as many entities as possible, investing tens of thousands into different locals, risking our brands by associating with new & unknown individuals, we, unfortunately, have to cut ties with entities that don’t see eye to eye with us.

The following brands are NO LONGER ASSOCIATED with us and we strongly advise against investing any funds, except charity:

We do wish them all the best (as long as they’re working on something positive) and hope that they, one day, see the bigger vision we have for the cannabis community and become contributors, rather than create fake projects to justify outright theft. However, in the meantime, considering it is legally possible for any person to register any trade name and claim ownership, many will claim to still be a part of Dabcor or have association with Dabcor. We can not avoid that in our market structure but what we can do is ensure proper communication, and constant clarification of who is and who isn’t a part of our organization.


Whether you’re in Yukon, B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick, Dabcor is already present at many events near you and will continue bringing top glass blowers, musicians, cannabis-related business & local producers together for a Stronger Canadian Cannabis Community. We’ve had a successful start of the year and look forward to an eventful 2018.


In the meantime, enjoy for your news & updates (cannabis and non-cannabis alike)

For event sponsorship, media passes and/or admission tickets, visit and


Thanks to all those who showed us love and support, while some of our own former team members showed ungratefulness.

We may have lost 3 brands & 4 individuals but we’ve gained tens, if not hundreds of new Dabcor fans đŸ™‚


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