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Law firm expands class action against N.B. marijuana producer, alleges physical harm

As Global News reported, a Nova Scotia law firm leading a proposed class action lawsuit against a New Brunswick medical marijuana producer is expanding its claim.

Wagners Law Firm initially filed a class action in March against OrganiGram, alleging the company breached its contract with customers by using unauthorized pesticides in their product.

Wagners now says the products have caused “physical harm to clients” and has amended that claim.

“[We have] received several reports from clients of negative health effects that began after consuming the recalled product. Commonly reported effects are vomiting, dizziness and nausea,” the law firm said in a news release.

Wagners alleges roughly 2,000 people purchased cannabis products containing myclobutanil and bifenazate from the Moncton-based company last year.

The law firm says both chemicals are considered toxic and are not authorized for use on medical cannabis, and says users are worried about the health effects.

In January, Health Canada advised there was a voluntary recall by OrganiGram of dried marijuana and cannabis oil.

In response, OrganiGram issued a statement to Global News.

“At this time, OrganiGram cannot comment on ongoing litigation but as of this date the company can confirm that it has not been provided any medical evidence documenting any adverse health reaction,” it reads.

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