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CTV at Dabcor’s HempFest Cannabis Expo – Winnipeg

The Government of Canada is planning to legalize cannabis and Winnipeggers are curious about the products that may go along with it.

Saturday the first HempFest Cannabis Expo came to Winnipeg.

Oliver Just and Cyan Nadolsky attended the expo. They are both interested in how cannabis could help ease chronic pain.

“I was surprised, very surprised and excited too because it’s just so different for the world. The world is changing,” said Nadolsky.

It’s also an exciting time for companies with pot-related products looking to grow their businesses.

Seventy companies from across Canada set up at the expo, pitching everything from how people can work in the cannabis industry to how to cook with it.

“Instead of a brownie, here’s cream sauce, there’s butter … pastry, that’s huge too,” said Winnipeg chef Allan Pineda. “You can do whatever.”

Possessing and selling cannabis for non-medical purposes is still illegal in Canada.

There aren’t any products made with marijuana here, but